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    Hello Everyone,

    As many of you are aware we were previously sistered with a server called AlphaMC. I as the main owner of CobraPvP decided it was right to unsister with them due to a though things happening behind the scene. So in this thread, I am going to be explaining more about the situation. Please note that some things that also lead to this is private and will not be released as it will breach peoples personal lives but from this thread, you will understand the big picture.

    How and why did we sister in the first place?

    Well, basically our other Owner (Dacostabro) decided it was a wise decision to discover another network to partner/sister with to expand CobraPvP and to increase the potential for the future. We then found alpha and decided to sister and therefore creating the relationship we had.

    How did it start to fall apart?

    This whole thing started a long time ago and pretty much at the beginning of the time we sistered. Dacostabro didn't agree with the ways of AlphaMC after spending some time related and didn't want to be the one to let the server down by unsistering as he thought it would improve CobraPvP long term. Therefore Dacostabro left CobraPvP that was a real big problem at the time. Personally effecting me in a negative way that I am keeping private for now after he left.

    Why did it fall apart now?

    The movement to unsistering started around 3-7 days ago when it started to become clear to the people around me that I was not acting normal when it came to the server. Dacostabro noticed this and therefore has been talking to me every day since where I have been offered multiple opportunities such as merging, sistering, etc by other servers. After the long amount of time and money I have dedicated to CobraPvP I decided I would never forgive myself if I ever closed it, therefore, I am going to not sister, merge or anything for now.

    Recently (Yesterday) me and Dacostabro decided it would be great again to be owners together again. We were doing so well when it was just us and it slowly declined when we sistered. Azurz was also a part of the reason for that we unsistered. He was one of the owners at AlphaMC and he had threatened to unsister multiple times if I didn't agree with his decisions as to him he was in charge when that really was not the case. He also said we can leave if he doesn't agree with his ways. Therefore that is what we are doing. We have now decided to unsister and Dacostabro has come back so now we are going to do much better.

    Ending Note

    This is all true and we have screenshots to prove it if you want then you can message me on discord I am Matt! on the CobraPvP Discord server and I can supply screenshots. We will be doing much better from now on so looking forward to the future of CobraPvP

    Thanks for supporting us through this,
    CobraPvP Management​

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