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    Age: 13

    Timezone: I live on the east coast of the usa (EST)

    Country: USA

    Do you have a good quality mic?: Yes a YuCool gaming headset, it is pretty good for a headset.

    Do you have Telegram, TeamSpeak, And Discord?: I have all 3, My discord is VeroFPS#5788, and my Telegram is siruzo. My TS is just my teamspeak.

    How many hours can you put in the server per week? [Include a schedule]: I can get pretty good time in on the weekends and around 4-6 hours on the weekdays.

    Any past experiences in being a staff member?: I was trial mod on another HCF server known as Wolfax but i quit because i was unfairly demoted and i couldn't deal with the obnoxious staff members, only some were good but mainly toxicity was in the staff team.

    Why are you apply for staff?: Because i want to help moderate and i am good at protecting others from rulebreakers and people who abuse glitches, dupe, or any other broken rules. (Cheating of course is one)
    Why should we accept you as staff?: I enjoy being staff and helping people because im used to helping out at my own home and i liked doing it in games and i helped people in comment sections of youtube videos and i really enjoyed them saying "Thx" or "Thx it helped" when i get the notification it just lets me know im serving a purpose.

    Additional Information:
    I can make youtube videos on the server.

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